iLeads is the Re-Invention of Trade Show Lead Retrieval!

No-Risk Revenue Sharing Program

With no additional investment to your registration and badging software, you can eliminate the need for bar codes, mag-stripe, SmartCards and RFID for your lead retrieval media.

If you can print a unique 4 - 5 digit number on your name badges you can enjoy the benefits of offering your exhibitors the iLeads lead retrieval system.

There are NO expenses to you for iLeads lead retrieval; no staff, travel, housing or per diem.

A trade showʼs continued success hinges on the success of its exhibitors. For exhibitors, a successful show is one where qualified leads are easily transformed into sales.

iLeads allows exhibitors to customize lead qualification, enabling them to identify sales leads at point of capture and deliver high quality leads to their sales force.

The iLead trade show application delivers a simple solution for your exhibitor lead retrieval requirements. The iLeads app lets exhibitors follow up on leads like never before!

The iLeads lead retrieval systems fits all sized shows. Call us today for more information.

Are you facing reduced trade show revenue streams in the wake of the continuing economic downturn?

We offer you a no-risk solution for cutting trade show costs and maximizing your revenue stream.

You can increase trade show ROI by partnering with Lead Retrieval International. Call us today for additional information!


Go Green

Considering Green Options for Your
Next Trade Show? Call us about a
100% biodegradable badge system!