LeadsLightningSM is a Web-based application for the ultimate in post-show follow up. You can access www.leadslightning.com anywhere, anytime up to six months after your event ends. Your data is password protected so only those you authorize will have access. Exhibitors can identify their best leads in minutes by filtering leads and sending only the best leads to sales. Show organizers benefit because the software provides the hard data to measure ROI and enhance their presentations to prospective exhibitors. Other benefits:

  • Exhibitors quickly drill down through vast numbers of leads to find those that fit the demographics and lead qualifiers they specify.
  • Analyze data and generate lead information graphical reports. Understand market trends, product demand & speed up sales cycle.
  • LeadsLightning provides pertinent information to Trade Show Managers who can see all the data collected by their exhibitors.
  • Organizers can sell more space by showing prospective exhibitors historical data in easy to understand charts and graphs.
  • Traffic flow reports allow organizers to see what time the show floor is busiest.

My Tradeshow ConnectionsSM, a feature of LeadsLightning, provides trade show attendees interactive access to the roster of exhibitors they visit and helps them make strategic buying decisions. Attendees can take advantage of this interactive listing immediately following the show. My Tradeshow Connections extends the networking interaction between exhibitors and attendees for up to 6 months after the show is over.

After the show an e-mail invitation is sent to attendees inviting them to access My Tradeshow Connections and test out the software for themselves.

View a demo at www.LeadsLightning.com and enter “demoso” (lowercase letters) for both the username and password.

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