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How iLeads Works

Step 1

If you own an iDevice - iPhone, iPod touch (Version 3.1.2 or higher) iPad or
Android phone (OS 2.1 or later) - download the FREE iLeads App from the Apple or Android App store.

Step 2

Place your lead retrieval order with Lead Retrieval International by using the online order form, fax in your order or mail your order, with payment, to them.

About 8 days prior to the start of the trade show you'll be emailed a unique access code for event setup on your iDevice plus your user name and password for logging into, which hosts the registration database for the event, where your leads will be uploaded and stored. Your leads are available 24/7 during the event and for up to 6 months after the close of the event.

If an exhibitor is renting an iPod touch from Lead Retrieval International, the iLeads data access fee is included.

Step 3

The iLead app on your iDevice will be pre-loaded with the basic registration information of the registered attendees. All attendees will have a unique ID number printed on their name badges. Exhibitors will capture leads by entering the attendees' Badge ID number into the iLeads app. iLeads will instantly search thru the pre-loaded records in the iDevice to see if there is a match. If there is a match, the attendee's pre-loaded name and contact information will be displayed on the iDevice's screen.

If there were no match, such as would be the case for a recent onsite registrant, the iLeads app will save the Badge ID. In either case you will be able to quickly qualify your leads, make text and voice notes and conduct surveys. The iLeads app will automatically update the contact information in the iDevice as it becomes available from the onsite registration system.

The LeadsLightning database will contain the FULL ATTENDEE CONTACT INFORMATION as provided by the attendees and show management in their complete event registration database file.

Step 4

Your leads are uploaded and automatically posted online in real time over a local cellular or wireless network to a personal account at the secure and password protected LeadsLightning web portal. If an iDevice is being used in an area without a cellular or wireless connection, the lead data is securely stored for later syncing when coverage is again available.

At LeadsLightning you can review and filter your leads and identify the best prospects. Leads are available for viewing and easy downloading into Microsoft Excel or CRM software at any time during or after the event.

Watch iLeads Instructional Video Download iLeads User Guide (pdf)