Don't just RENT Lead Retrieval Equipment, OWN IT!

Do you share these complaints with other exhibitors about the lead retrieval equipment you rent at trade shows?   Using the free iLeads app on your own iPhone, Android Smartphone, iPod Touch, or iPad can help eliminate complaints
  • You don't have enough time to learn a different lead retrieval device at nearly every event.
  • You can't qualify leads or take notes because of the complexity of the devices.
  • The lead retrieval equipment doesn't have the flexibility required to handle your specific type of questions or surveys.
  • Bar code scanning is finicky. Some times it works, and some times it doesn't.
  • Waiting in line to collect and return your rented lead retrieval devices is a nuisance.
  • You have to rent electrical power for your booth just to operate the lead retrieval unit.
  • Familiarity with equipment and features will result in more efficient usage by you and your co-workers.
  • No additional charges for custom code qualifiers and survey questions. You can easily tailor your qualifiers, surveys and questions to fit your specific needs.
  • No bar codes to scan or cards to swipe. Simply enter the unique ID number printed on each attendeeʼs badge.
  • No extra charges to have the equipment delivered to you.
  • No more standing in long lines to pick up or return the lead retrieval equipment.
  • No electrical hook-up costs since your device is battery powered.